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Asset Managing Group, Inc.

704 N. King Street Suite 50
P. O. Box 1031
Wilmington, DE 19899
County of New Castle

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Greenberg & Co. is a boutique law firm with a focus on international corporate solutions. The firm offers a full range of offshore services including:    
Located in southwestern Connecticut, USA, Greenberg and Co. services businesses worldwide. The firm has professional relationships with bankers, financiers, accountants and other attorneys in the US as well as Europe, Asia and South America. This gives Greenberg & Co. the ability to offer an integrated service package utilizing the most sophisticated international planning techniques.

 The firm represents a wide spectrum of businesses from small, closely held companies to larger international corporations. Our attorneys advise clients at all stages of corporate existence, from choice of entity and formation procedures to day-to-day management, corporate governance, record keeping and decision-making. Our services range from drafting contracts and other legal documents, developing strategies, to negotiating and closing business transactions. A sample of the breadth of services that we have provided for our clients includes:

  • Financial Institution Liaison, Account Opening and Representation

  • Board and Shareholder Documentation

  • Consulting Agreements; Employment and Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Stock Purchase Plan Development and Administration

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Joint Ventures and Partnerships

  • International and Cross-Border Transactions

  • US Tax Analysis

Asset Managing Group, Inc.  has partnered with Greenberg & Co. as an independent law firm. All legal advise rendered by them should be addressed to them directly.
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To change to Global as your new agent click here. The fee is $224.00 and includes the agent fee of $90.00 and all state filing fees. Remember, we have been in business for over 38 years.      Apply Now

Want to Incorporate a Corporation or LLC Offshore? If an "offshore" IBC is the answer to your business formation needs you should look at setting up a new entity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Marshall Islands.        
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We now offer yacht registration for pleasure & commercial yachts in the Marshall Islands.

Incorporate Your Airplane in Delaware in 24 Hours

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Disclaimer: You are responsible for making sure that all documents submitted for the purpose of opening an are suitable for such purpose and otherwise legally sufficient. This includes, without limitation, ensuring that the documents are properly dated, executed, and certified where appropriate. ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. reserves the right to retain any moneys it receives if there is positive evidence of fraud or any other material civil or criminal infractions by the applicant. Intentional falsifying or withholding of information may subject the applicant to prosecution under the laws of the State of Delaware and United States. In select cases, ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. may be obligated to share  information with appropriate state and federal authorities. Once a Corporation or Trust have been filed with the state there are no refunds applicable.

ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. is a Delaware corporation. We do not offer legal or financial advice, however we do have partners who offer this type of service. The use of our phone numbers on your web site or your corporate stationary is prohibited.

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